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Name:Asagi Nanami

Asagi Nanami . ☩ . 那波 浅葱 . ☩ .(ななみ あさぎ)



Name: Asagi Nanami (Nanami family name)


Species: Half Stand, Half Human


Family Members: Nanami-Sama "Boss", Father

Likes: Humans, coffee, cigarettes, bloodshed, trolling

Dislikes: killing humans, people who love killing humans, freaks


Strengths:Immune to blunt, piercing, slashing damage; super strong and fast; night vision; logical and detective skills

Weaknesses:Curses; spiritual attacks; prideful; his love of humans





Pets: N/A


IC Contact post: Here

CR List: Here

Permissions: Here



Hair: White, bobbed

Eye: Yellow, occasional vertical slit-iris

Sense of Style: Suits, formalwear (will wear what is practical in Adstringendum)

Typical Scent: tar, blood,

Posture: Straight back, sometimes over-arched.



Asagi generally presents a rather professional, business-like demeanour. Once you learn his personality, you might notice that even when he is appearing professional he has a strange sort of playfulness about him. It's subtle, but it becomes even more obvious when he is among the people working in his office or the few others he is familiar with. He has a dry humour that is laced with sarcasm, and he greatly enjoys making the people he would call friends feeling just ever so slightly uncomfortable, usually by making unwanted sexual advances or poking at other buttons to tease them. He will do the same thing to strangers that he thinks are attractive or amusing as well, but only when it is not in a business situation.

It is uncommon for him to show much more than mild, quiet irritation. Even his anger is quiet and subdued. He takes most things in stride and is quite adept at working around new problems without much complaint. He can have a rather sour mood however, especially if he is lacking a nicotine fix or is injured. Outbursts are rare for him, but occasionally, what he knows to be truth is just so different from what is perceived by others that he can't help but to laugh loudly, breaking his usual quiet demeanour. His sense of humour can seem rather unsettling to others as well and he uses that as well as his calm, aloof nature in order to keep people around him at an arm's length. This even plays into how he deals with investigations, doing as much sitting back and watching as he does actual attacking.

Beneath this top layer, Asagi is actually surprisingly caring, though he only shows it in very limited ways. He takes in freaks that have lost their desire to harm people and have a connection to a human. One of the girls in his office, Mahime, actually shares her body with a freak, Yoshiro, that acts as a second personality that saves her from stressful situations and sexual abuse. Despite his flirtatious nature, Asagi also avoids ever flirting excessively with the personality that dislikes such strong advances and makes sure to stay within her comfort zone, instead only ever flirting with Yoshiro who seems to actually enjoy that kind of attention. He also gave Mahime a way that he could monitor her and come to her aid if needed, though he did not directly inform her of this. He also has moments revealed in his past that show he fell in love with a human man and rather than dragging him deeper into his dangerous line of work hunting freaks, he stayed back and watched as this man fell in love with a woman and married her.

Asagi is also a monster, however. He has a passion for destruction of anything living. He will enjoy the act of tearing a human limb from limb, but because he does love humans he also would feel guilty as soon as he came back to his senses, however, he has no qualm with decimating a monster and enjoying every moment. He knows how easily he will slip into a kind of blood frenzy once he starts to seriously fight or sees blood, so instead he keeps a careful control on himself. Izumi also help him control these urges when their bodies are combined.



Little is said about Asagi's history, though to be sure it must have been an unusual upbringing. His mother was a human, while his father was a Stand. She was killed by a freak, causing a deep hatred for them in his father- one that goes beyond the natural predator/ prey relationship. Asagi does not seem to have been affected by her death in the same way. Instead, it seems that he got some of the human compassion of his mother, and judges them on a case by case basis. Unlike his father, who shows more fascination with the way having a human soul would effect this one freak, Asagi's desire to allow the freak sanctuary comes from a purer desire to preserve a loving relationship-the very relationship that had called the human soul to live in the Freaks body.

Over time, this has not waned. If anything, this kindness has slowly grown in him. When Asagi was younger he was more violent and more easily riled, as well as crueller. While working with the special police forces he meets a fascinating man named Agaki and begins to work with him. He seems to quickly grow fond of him, and even seems jealous when Agaki gets along well with a woman that he told Agaki to investigate. Their relationship as partners seems to show him the kindness within his own heart. He continues working with Agaki right into the time of World War II, at least until their boss decides to separate from the police and set each Stand up with their own office.

Several years ago, Asagi was on a case in a middle school where he met Amano, one of the students and the great grandson of Agaki. He allowed Amano a glance of the world of freaks, knowing that if he was like Agaki, he would need more. Asagi is similarly fond of Amano as he was of Agaki. There is still a bit of a romantic interest, though he also acts a bit fatherly towards Amano.




One of Asagi's powers as a Stand is to create what appears to be tar-like striking limbs that look like spider legs and extend from his body. They are capable of ripping a freak (or anything) to shreds with ease and incredible speed. His entire body actually appears to be made of this tar-like material, though normally he looks much like a normal human, but with white hair and gold eyes with pupils that fluxuate between normal human and cat-like depending on mood. Upon receiving massive physical trauma (even directly to the brain) his body reverts to this material, fixing the damage. That does not mean he is unbeatable, but typical physical blows will not do the job. Magical attacks that do more than just physical damage, or even poison, would affect him. Even then it is stated in the manga that something that would have killed a normal human 15 times over was only giving him flu-like symptoms. However, there are quite a few characters (and possibly a few monsters in the wastes) that would have a chance at killing him.

Without a 'remitter' such as Izumi- another related creature that can join with his body- he can do incredibly massive amounts of damage but he is also incapable of controlling himself very well. With the help of a remitter, he is able to only harm the freak, and leave the human uninjured. The remitter acts to stabilize his power, dampening his power slightly and lowering his ability to resist things such as curses, but it also makes him more deadly by improving his speed and accuracy. He is also capable of smelling a freak and has generally keener senses than that of a human.

He also has the ability to connect himself to an otherwise normal trinket by wearing it. He can then use the item to listen in to and see what is happening near the trinket, and can even teleport to the location of the trinket.

In addition he is capable of creating a ward that prevents anyone from being detected within a certain building. Similar to the ward, he can also create a seal or barrier that seems to take a certain location visibly out of it's normal place so that only he has access to it. He can also “channel” with other stands and beings with a similar power for purposes such as making it through their seals and so that they could make it through his seals (and seeing creatures that he normally would not be able to see such as ghosts) but the channeling must be willing.

While unable to see creatures like ghosts, he can still sense that they are there. Even though he would not be able to figure out specifics, if there are supernatural things he can sense them, even if he cannot sense specifics.

Aside from his supernatural abilities, Asagi is in general a very sharp-witted person. He's the kind of person that notices that vital detail that everyone else looks over. He's the Sherlock Holmes of the supernatural world, even if many of the skills carry over.

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