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Gau: About 20 minutes later, a text file comes in. It's quite long and detailed, but the short of it is as follows:

  • Information about the city's creation (the scientists, the accident and program that caused it)

  • The unstable nature of the city's joined dimensions

  • The animus and their god-like nature, as well as their roles (creating the events and bringing people back to life

  • Events and a generalized idea of what they entail (a week's worth of supernatural phenomena)

  • Some common areas where accessible food is found

  • Common animals found both inside and outside of the city's walls

  • Coordinates to Unohana's clinic


IC contact

May. 24th, 2013 01:27 pm
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You have reached Nanami Asagi. Leave a message after the beep. Beep.
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Nanami Asagi

  • Gender/sex: Male

  • Age: About 100, looks ~16

  • Species: Stand

  • Orientation: Mostly homosexual

  • Canon: Category:Freaks


  • Enhanced senses (specifically for supernatural beings)

    Can Asagi sense what kind of being your character is? If a demon can he consider your character a "freak"?

  • He is able to attune himself to a small trinket which he can use to listen in on things.
    Can he leave this around your character given the chance?

  • Creation of wards for non-detection of various levels.
    Could your character have a chance of getting through? How?

  • He can create spider-like limbs from his back that move at super speeds

  • When attacked physically his body can appear as it's natural tar-like substance. He is resistant to physical attacks because of this odd body make up.


  • Gender/sex: Male

  • Age: beginning of time

  • Species: Ancient

  • Orientation: Pan

  • Appearance: Appears as an eye on Asagi.1

  • 1 All powers here are Asagi's. Izumi only helps him control his powers more acutely, but can also create freaks.

Permissions from me:

  • Threadjacking? I'm fine with it! Default is a yes so long as it isn't marked private.

  • Back-threading? It will happen. :|b

  • Injury? You are welcome to attack him. He is highly likely to attack back, more-so if your character is not human.

  • Romance: Go for it, but he has a type: Tall dark haired men with glasses.

  • Physical contact: Go for it, but he is likely to start flirting if he likes your character at all, or give a death glare if he is neutral or dislikes your character.


  • Creatures that prey on the darkness of human hearts, feeding off of it in exchange for making the person's desires become reality. A person can even lose their soul and lives to a freak that they summon from the other world, wittingly or unwittingly.


  • Asagi is prone to gore if presented with blood. He enjoys killing, but loves humans, so he avoids doing this. Let me know if gore is a problem.

  • Izumi appears as an eye on Asagi's stomach sometimes. Tell me if this would squick you.

Permissions for you:

  • PM: Yes

  • Contact Post: Yes

  • How's my Driving: Yes

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Don't be afraid to tell me.

Comments screened, Anon on. 
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Canon: Category: Freaks

Character: Asagi Nanami and Izumi

Timeline: End of volume 3

Adstringendum Application )

Rakuen App

Jul. 12th, 2012 07:12 pm
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Name: Jynxed
Journal: the_jynxed
Contact information: [AIM]phoenixaenigma
Other characters: Alex Furest, Cheshire
Do you need an invite code?
Do you want a buddy? no


Name: Asagi Nanami
Age: >70 (Exact age unknown, appears 14-16ish)
Subject taught: Paranormal Investigation
Canon: Category: Freaks!
Canon point: End of the third volume
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 Player Info:
Name: Jynxed
Personal LJ: the_jynxed
IM Contact: phoenixaenigma
Other Characters: Mary Weather Hargreaves
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